Christmas Gifts Part Deux

I just finished these four gifts so might as well post it before I forget it again. These are 7 sq. cm. fridge magnet I made from fabric scraps and a leftover sintra board, lined with scrapbooking paper from my stash. The magnet on the back was purchased from one of those P99 Japanese outlets in malls.

Type is mine, drawn on paper and traced on the fabric. Then I traced the outline with Chain Stitch, and the inside crisscross design with Outline stitch. I have yet to be brave to try out Satin Stitch. It seems to be my Waterloo.

Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone!

In a few days, it will be Christmas Day. So, I finally got around to finishing these little tree ornaments that are my gifts for my nieces. I started these in 2011 and they're two years in the making! I know, I need to commit more to these things.

Anyway, these are made from fabric scraps from curtains my mother made and less than a yard of lace. I don't really do embroidery but once in a while I have the urge to do something with my little knowledge of it. I really hope my nieces treasure these.

These are the front:

And this is the back that says "Dec 2013 (heart) Tita Ilyn:

I got to post in a timely manner... yay, me!

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