2016 Summer Art Workshop Exhibit!

Hello everyone!

Here are some of the photos we took from our exhibit last 21 May 2016. See how proud the kids were for their accomplishment! These artworks in pencil rendering and watercolor were first for them, and they came out wonderfully. Although these workshops were open to any age group, the participants for this summer were children aged 6 to 15 years old.

We had ribbon cutting ceremony and a bit of mocktails going on, and the kids and their parents were very happy with what their children accomplished.

Thank you so much to my friends who own this gallery cafe with no name yet (Calle Sining is one of those names they're still mulling over), and has yet to open sometime in 2016, for offering the space for the exhibit to take place.

Perspective Drawing Workshop Happened!

Hello everyone!

It was an intense Perspective Drawing Workshop last Saturday, 14th of May, mainly because four of the participants were there because they just wanted to know what it was about. A quarter of the time into the Workshop, I shifted gears, because I doubted that they'd appreciate the technical ramblings that came with the original lecture. It was extremely fun, though! Those ladies were something else.

I asked one of the participants, a drafting student, to come back another day so I can give her a more relevant version of the lecture. I'm glad she did.

Someone wasn't able to make it that day, so we agreed that we'd reschedule his workshop for another Saturday. I really don't mind rescheduling for just one person.

Next time, I'll post about the summer art exhibit that happened yesterday!

Perspective Drawing Workshop is On!

Hello everyone! Perspective Drawing Workshop is going to happen soon! A bit of an update, though. It didn't occur to me that May 9th, the deadline for payment, is Election Day. My goodness! So, I'm moving that to May 12. Once we're settled, I'll send you the directions to our workshop venue.

Please send me your inquiries at info.paperbasket(at)gmail.com. I really hope to see you there!

We offer customized handmade papercraft products such as greeting cards, scrapbook albums, mini-albums, blank journals, calligraphy work, boxes, scrapbooking services and other papercrafts.

Ms. Ilyn is a licensed architect who decided that teaching arts and crafts, or making them, is way more fulfilling than dealing with contract documents, estimates and technical specifications. She taught Architectural Drafting and Painting to High School Students for five years, and Arts for Pre-K to Grade 3 Pupils for three years.

Please email us at: info.paperbasket@gmail.com