Piolo Pascual

I just finished a scrapbook dedicated to Piolo Pascual. No, it's not mine. It's for a client. It's the second book I did for her consisting of several clippings and photos from various magazines. I personally won't do something like this even for my favorite performer, but if it makes other people happy then who am I to say anything against it? Besides, seeing her face light up when she was looking at the pages is very satisfying.

Now, I know more stuff about him and I haven't seen even one of his works. No movie, no soap opera and no show. Maybe one day, I'll know why she likes him.

Bulletin Boards

This is the nth bulletin board I did in my lifetime, and I'm not complaining. :) This is for a pre-school for their wellness and personal values lesson that will run for the rest of the school year. They're made of chipboard and acrylic paints. It's only this year that I experimented with pre-school colors. As a teacher of 16-year-olds for five years, my color palette as a teacher consisted of earth tones only. It's challenging but it's fun!

I also accepted a temporary teaching post for their After School Activity. For five weeks, I am to teach crafts to primary schoolers. I'm actually on my second week and it's been fun so far. Honestly, it's difficult to think of projects that could be completed in an hour by these children. Each has to be finished at the end of the session so they can enjoy it afterwards. Last week, we did stamping using corrugated boards and strings. Today, we had origami album using wrapping and colored papers. It's fun to teach these kids! I can't believe it.

Recent Projects

September 2007

This is my first set of Artist Trading Cards (ATC) that I swapped with fellow crafter and friend, Chris Palmer. She's into vintage designs and so, for my first batch of ATCs, I thought it would be nice to be a sort of tribute to her since she's the one who really got me to try this. She also encouraged me to try collage and even sent me a bag of ephemera to help me on my first attempt! Some of the materials I used here came from her. One exception though, one of these ATCs is a paper cut-out of a woodcarving pattern from a Bahay na Bato.

Calendar and boxes for one of the bulletin boards in a pre-school. I did three bulletin boards but I wasn't able to take photos of the other two. They all look like huge scrapbook pages. Also, I held a crafts class for 1st to 3rd graders on Jacob's Ladder. At first I thought I'd take a photo or two of the class but as it is, they are not my kids, nor they are my students, and I would need the permission of their parents to post those photos. So I decided against it.

August 2007

This is an 8" x 8" post bound album I made as gift for my cousin, Carla, for her 18th birthday. The front cover is from Basic Grey Infuse collection and the rest were Canson Mi-Tientes big cut paper. Carla isn't a girly girl and would have frowned if I did pinks and greens and yellows on this album.

June 2006

This is the guest book I did for our godchildren for their wedding.

... a simple matter of ettiquette

I have a very important request, dear friends. I would appreciate it very much if you don't give out my phone number to people I don't know. My husband has his reasons for not having his own cellphone so I BEG you not to use mine nor give my number to other people to reach him unless it's pre-arranged between the two of you. This is MY cellphone and not his. You may reach him through his email, website or blog. He'll reply as soon as he can. I hope you understand. Thank you very much.

Pearls Before Breakfast

While we both wait for my web support to have some free time to help me with my online store, here is an interesting article on Washington Post about world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell and an experiment.

Pearls Before Breakfast

It's March and I haven't been really nice...

I've been unbelievably detained. I got some gentle smacking down from husband; some reality check that needed to be done.

Anyway, I'm organizing some stuff and next week I'll open my online store. Yay! Actually, I'm still a bit shy about this. I've seen the projects that other gifted papercrafters and scrappers do, and I'm blown away every single time. I can only hope to hold my own. But there's one thing I know I can do better than most, my handwriting. There may be a future for me in this business.

There is a line of products I wish to develop, but that's still an idea as I don't really know how to go about it yet. I tried laying it down to paper but it's not quite as I see them in my head. So I still have to work that one out.

So that's it for now.

We offer customized handmade papercraft products such as greeting cards, scrapbook albums, mini-albums, blank journals, calligraphy work, boxes, scrapbooking services and other papercrafts.

Ms. Ilyn is a licensed architect who decided that teaching arts and crafts, or making them, is way more fulfilling than dealing with contract documents, estimates and technical specifications. She taught Architectural Drafting and Painting to High School Students for five years, and Arts for Pre-K to Grade 3 Pupils for three years.

Please email us at: info.paperbasket@gmail.com