December Projects

Last month, a friend of mine asked me to make her an origami album but requested that it be longer so we can include a lot of photos. The look on my friend's face was enough for me to be proud of what I did. And from what I heard, the friend appreciated it very, very much. I'm glad.

Also last month, I went to Christmas party and this is my gift... well, it was a belated Christmas exchange gift, gift-giving that I know nothing about when I attended the party last month. And so when I picked her name, I told her I'll just give it to her next time. This is what I came up with and gave it to her yesterday. I hope she uses them.

I will be making another scrapbook for my cousin who celebrated her 7th birthday last Sunday. As with her sister's, I will make the album myself. My little cousin asked her mother to tell my aunt to tell my mother to tell me (whew!) that she would love a scrapbook like the one I did for her sister. I guess, she's a little bit shy telling me what she really wants. :)

Craft Party of Three

Last Tuesday, my cousin and two nieces decided to have a Craft Party and they gladly volunteered my home to do it. The aftermath includes an unrecognizable dining table, typhoon-like mess, empty containers of embellishments and happy faces. They did origami, paper bag, paper flowers and paper baskets (hey!) which I helped them with--or the other way around.

Here they are!!

Till next time, my little dears!!

Oh! And the teaching gig I have with the primary school where I taught for five weeks? I was asked to do it again till the end of the school year in May. This would be fun!!

Where Was I Last December?

That's right, I saw Taylor Hicks in concert here in the Philippines. Enjoyed it immensely.

Anyway, it's 2008 and another year for new projects. Yeah!

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Ms. Ilyn is a licensed architect who decided that teaching arts and crafts, or making them, is way more fulfilling than dealing with contract documents, estimates and technical specifications. She taught Architectural Drafting and Painting to High School Students for five years, and Arts for Pre-K to Grade 3 Pupils for three years.

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