I just learned what this is all about a couple of days ago when I stumbled upon a channel on YouTube about a child explaining her project. And I thought, what a great idea for kids to retain what they learned! Reminds me of those interactive 'albums' or projects I submitted for my Araling Panlipunan subject way back, way back in elementary school days. It is essentially a combination of scrapbooking and learning. Those booklets, flap books, accordion (why do people insist that it's spelled 'accordian'?), shape books, coloring and writing worksheets, pictures, cutouts, graphs, diagrams, vocabulary, stories in a curiously folded file folder... very, very interesting.

After watching the video, I Googled lapbooking, and found that it's almost always associated with homeschooling. In my understanding, it's a way of consolidating the things a child learned in a creative manner, making it more interesting for them. It's like scrapbooking the things they know of a particular topic. Isn't that interesting?

I already made a couple for my niece and I'm still making more which we're going to work on next week as part of her review in getting to primary school. Honestly, this perplexes me. Reviewing to get to Grade One? Seriously! But she needs it and what a better way to do it than with crafts. She loooooooooves crafts. She's going to love these. I'll post them when she's finished with them.

I'm very excited!

Oh, and I learned about the foodie fold terminologies: hamburger fold, hot dog fold and taco fold. hehe. Love it!

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