Arts and Crafts Summer Workshop

Hello everyone!

These workshops are for everyone who would like to spend time to learn the basics of watercolor painting and pencil drawing. These are skills-based workshops, and less about concepts and ideas.

Who can be participants? Anyone from 7 years old or older. Exercises and projects will be adjusted to age and capabilities of the individual. As long as you have the interest to learn about these things, it’s going to be a breeze. Please, don’t force anyone or be forced to do anything that’s not wanted, it will only lead to resentment and unhappiness, and no one wants that. But I digress.

The fee will only include materials. Just bring yourself… and snacks for yourself.

At the end of the workshop period, around mid-May, there will be an exhibit of selected works of participants at the Art Gallery and Komiks Museum we are in the process of putting up. Details will be announced later.

As for the actual workshops themselves, details are as follows:

Color Theory and Watercolor Painting

We will touch on the Elements and Principles of Art by way of introduction. Exercises will include the Color Wheel (Nobody can escape it!); color properties; color schemes; and, a variety of techniques to achieve various textures and moods.

12 sessions
Registration: Php1, 600.00 (covers first four sessions)
Per Session thereafter: Php400.00
5 available slots
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00-10:00am
Sessions begin: 29 March 2016

Pencil Drawing

Like in the above workshop, we will begin with the Elements and Principles of Art. Exercises will include freehand line drawing (boring, I know, but necessary); tonal gradation charts using pencils in varying softness; light, shade, shadow, reflective light; and, rendering of different materials of varying textures and shapes.

12 sessions
Registration: Php1, 600.00 (covers first four sessions)
Per Session thereafter: Php400.00
5 available slots
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00-4:00pm
Sessions begin: 29 March 2016

Weekend Workshops
(Saturdays, dates as indicated below)

One (1) session
Workshop Fee: Php500.00

5 available slots
Saturdays, 8:00am-12:00nn
Sessions begin: 2 April 2016

Workshop Choices:

Paper Cutting

An overview of Elements and Principles of Art to help with a simple design for cutting. Tips on making a design to be used for paper cutting. Tips on how to cut paper (Yes! There are techniques to make your life easier and high blood pressure lower.) Mounting of the artwork on a display board. Age requirement: at least 13 years old because there will be sharp objects involved.
(April 2, April 23, May 7)

Mini Scrapbook Album

An overview of Elements and Principles of art to help with composition. We will make a simple 10-page 6”x6” scrapbook album for pocket-sized photos from scratch. Elements of a page as well as color schemes will be discussed. Page layout patterns will be provided as guide, and it will be up to the participants to use them or not.
(April 9, April 30)

Perspective Drawing
Please see details here.
(May 14)

For inquiries and clarifications, please email us at  info.paperbasket(at)


We offer customized handmade papercraft products such as greeting cards, scrapbook albums, mini-albums, blank journals, calligraphy work, boxes, scrapbooking services and other papercrafts.

Ms. Ilyn is a licensed architect who decided that teaching arts and crafts, or making them, is way more fulfilling than dealing with contract documents, estimates and technical specifications. She taught Architectural Drafting and Painting to High School Students for five years, and Arts for Pre-K to Grade 3 Pupils for three years.

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