A Break for a Gallery

Hello everyone!

We had been busy setting up the Komikero Komiks Museum which launched on August 13, 2016. Yes, it was August and it was the 13th. If you're the superstitious Filipino, you know what those things mean. Unfortunately for the superstitious, it was a very successful affair!

Right now, me and my friends (who are the actual owners), are trying to get our act together to finally fill up the Tia Maria's Sining at Kultura gallery cafe with art works from local artists. The owners are very much keen on promoting local arts and culture of San Pablo City. Hopefully, we will have the gallery up and running before the year 2016 ends.

Komikero Komiks Museum is a room within the gallery, and the cafe is in operations.

Tia Maria's Sining at Kultura Gallery Cafe
29 Marasigan Street,
Lakeside Park Subdivision
4000 San Pablo City


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Ms. Ilyn is a licensed architect who decided that teaching arts and crafts, or making them, is way more fulfilling than dealing with contract documents, estimates and technical specifications. She taught Architectural Drafting and Painting to High School Students for five years, and Arts for Pre-K to Grade 3 Pupils for three years.

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